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Tron Legacy Disc 3D Printed/ DisneyLegacy Disc Conversions

Tron Legacy Disc 3D Printed/ DisneyLegacy Disc Conversions



This is for a complete build of the Tron Legacy Disc 3D printed, OR the Disney Legacy "Store Bought", Disc Conversion only. The video here shows how it looks and operates for both versions. If you haven't seen the video yet, please do. 


The 3D printed V2 Disc ( Modeled by Shriker) is a sleak 3D printed design printed with standard PLA, and is installed with full Neopixel lighting with Base Programming, Sound Font Package with (Tron Reimagined) track made by Mountain Sabers Custom Fonts, on board menu sound package (Kevin Flynn) created by Brian Connor. This is a 2 button setup installed with Proffieboard v3 only. Holds 5 10amp LI Batteries and charges through a 3.1 micro charge port. Kill switch and cube speakers are also included. I'm also including a vertical stand for display. Printed in either Black or White PLA. White will have light bleed shining through the body as the video shows.


The Disney Disc Conversion will include all conversion parts and Full Neopixel design. Holds 4 10amp LI batteries also included. This is a one button setup and installed with a Proffieboard v3 and accomodates a larger 28mm speaker, and USBc charging. This Disc will also include full Sound Package, Track, and Menu sounds. Now here is the catch. I am offering this conversion build to those who "ALREADY OWN ONE".... and would like to ship it to me for the conversion. I do not have any on hand. This offer is strickly for the conversion only for the Disney Legacy Disc.


Price for either will be $350 plus shipping. Both are intence builds and will take some time to make.

Both builds will be on a first come first served bassis as each one is build by hand. Allow 2-3 weeks or so from the time the order goes in till complete and ready to ship for each build.


Anyquestions please feel free to contact me via the website! Thanks Programs!

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