I’m a big Star Wars fan... and Light Sabers where one cool thing that kids and adults love. Till this day it has remained a fun and exciting past time. From constructing them, and now, creating sounds for them. The future is vast with new sounds coming.

saber 3.JPG

The Sound Files

Files support Proffieboard and CFX on most fonts. I will be updating all fonts over time to support the most common soundboards. If you don't see some for for your soundboard, please contact me through email if you'd like those files.

Some fonts will have extra sounds in them like hums, fonts, and other sounds. You can take out what you don't want and keep the ones you like loaded. Volumes may be different to. So remember to start them low and increase to a comfortable level. Remember to back up files First! If you have something custom you would like created, feel free to email me here! Enjoy!


Videos created with Proffieboard v2 OS 5.9/6.7. For OS6 older configs will need to be updated to use the new features in OS6.

CFX and other board sounds will vary and blade profiles will need to be programmed or created. You have an option to copy and paste your Font config and led text files if you wish.

Link to Crystal focus blade profiles and more....https://crystalfocus.net/

It is recommended that you copy your font config and led config files as the get updated more frequently with new fw updates. Mountain Sabers Customs Sound Fonts only sells the completed sound packages, not the actual sabers. We do not give refunds unless otherwise specified. Thank you!   Enjoy and Welcome!


With a bit of renaming all sound fonts can be compatible, if not already included in the folder. I will be updating all fonts over time to accomodate most sound boards...but here is a link on how to... name/rename... files/folders... to fit Xenopixel. If you would like Us to convert any sound font on this site not already created for Xenopixel, you can email me and I will be able to help!